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The recession is over- it’s been replaced by the New Great Depression!

4 Oct

What could I possibly have to say about the economy? A lot actually. I happen to be very opinionated on the matter. I remember a few years back when for no fault of my own, the bank closed one of my largest credit lines. As a small business owner I knew it was going to hurt my cash flow. I was upset about it because I had used the account responsibly loading it up for several months at a time during our lean months and paying it back down. I was already hearing rumors about the banks being in trouble. A few weeks later it was all over the news about the banks failing and needing the trillion dollar bail-out. I was against the bail-out, as were most other small business owners I know. It’s called “Survival of the fittest”. This is the rule that We of the struggling class have to live by. If a big giant goes down there are hundreds of little struggling guys waiting in the wings to rise up and take their place. I know there is more to it then that. I did watch a good documentary on OPB explaining the crisis I believe it was “NOVA”. There were definitely good intentions in trying to stabilize the economy for the entire world and all that. But guess what?! It didn’t work! Why? Because the powers that be were Extremely STUPID when they handed over the money. They naively assumed that the banks would use the money to stabilize the economy. That they would keep business going as usual and avert disaster. They did not put the necessary stipulations on how the money was to be used. I have my suspicions and doubts as to weather “the powers that be” were actually this stupid and naive as they are now claiming to have been. To me it feels more like a very corrupt political double-deal! (I warned you I was opinionated!) Either way, this is what happened next. Over the next 2 years the Banks that TOOK my hard earned tax dollars then proceeded to systematically shut down my remaining credit lines one by one. Not just mine, but also my fellow small business owners and my venders and my customers. We have a very large vender list where we get our parts and supplies to do repair jobs for our customers. Approximately 200 vender/suppliers. For the last 20 years this is the way we all did business. We used the credit line for our cash flow. You do many transactions every day with many venders but you mostly pay with your credit line. Having it all nicely consolidated on credit lines. But now, as the months go by without that credit line the monthly payments are increasing to the different venders as the credit cards got either maxed out or closed. So instead of making a couple payments to credit lines on $80,000 dollars that you could pay 2 or 3 thousand a month. Now instead, that same amount of dept is spread out over so many different venders at net 30, so we now have to make 200 Separate monthly payments at anywhere from $100 to $1000.00 a payment, now requiring 8 or 9 thousand a month, of which you don’t and probably never will have. Then you get behind and pretty soon you are over 60 days late and venders start calling. Business is good you assure them, the Jobs are coming in.
The problem is now that we are two years into this, there is this horrible bottleneck effect! A financial gridlock. Because all of our customers, most of them small business owners themselves,or farmers, are having the same problem they no longer have a credit card or credit line to pay with so they have to wait for there final harvest payments or their customers who are also several months behind. And the same thing goes for our vender’s s who are struggling to stay afloat without their credit line safety net. They have desperation in their voice when they call begging for a payment. Many have told me that they have had some pretty bad hits with customers going bankrupt and not paying their bills. And so this is where it hits the hardest the small business. Everybody has to cut back; we have had to lay off 4 people to cut down payroll. Also we are getting rid of all non-essential bills, (the water cooler, office supplies supplier, alarm system service to name a few) On a more positive note I know that my business is going to survive and weather this storm we have a plan in place and it is working. Even so, too many of my fellow venders and customers will not make it. I wonder who will be left 2 years from now. This Trillion dollar Bail-out did not avert a disaster. It just slowed it down and diverted it to the working class. In my opinion it saved the Wrong people and left us holding the bag. I just wish they would stop calling it a recession! Seriously!! Am I the only one who can look around at the situation and see this? We passed recession along time ago! It is a full blown DEPRESSION! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it didn’t depress you too much!

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