Moweing the grass

1 Oct

My Back yard!

So I mowed the lawn today. I have very mixed feelings about this because I love the smell of the fresh cut grass mixed with the smell of Lilacs in bloom. But the “Princess” in me firmly believes that there are just some things that a true Lady should draw the line at doing. I have a large yard. The mower is a nice John Deer rider with a bagger. It took me 3 hours and Every 20 minutes you have to empty the big, very heavy, dirty bag full of fresh cut grass. Usually the men in my life do this kind of thing for me. But my two youngest men have grown up and left me and today my husband was not home. The sun was shining and I really wanted to get it done before it started to rain again. So I put my I-pod headphones on and felt slightly guilty at how much I enjoyed the simple pleasure of mowing grass, hard work and getting dirty. The fact that I enjoyed it is probably what is making me feel so guilty. It is SOOOO UN-feminine. To appease my inner princess I had to go soak the dirt and shame away in a hot bubble bath! Then wrap up in my fluffiest pink robe and “hello kitty” slippers while sipping on Tea out of my prettiest china tea cup! Hopefully when I wake up in the morning, my Tiara will be firmly back in place.


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